Golden Pearlwing Black Serenade

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With the Golden Pearlwing Black Serenade, you’re not just wearing jewelry; you’re adorning yourself with a work of art that tells a story of timeless beauty.

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Introducing the “Golden Pearlwing Black Serenade” – a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication that captures the essence of nature’s beauty with a touch of opulence. The Golden Pearlwing Black Serenade is a stunning piece of jewelry that seamlessly merges the grace of nature’s avian wonders with the allure of luxurious design. Crafted to perfection, this exquisite accessory embodies both charm and sophistication. The body of the bird is meticulously finished in a radiant matte gold, reminiscent of the soft glow of the morning sun. The centre is made from a deep black stone, and pearl trimmings add an air of mystique to the design. Make a lasting impression with a gift that symbolizes beauty and grace.

Length x Width : 7 x 2.3 cms approx.

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